WIFI Protected Setup or WPS

WPS or WIFI Protected Setup is by far the easiest method to connect wireless clients to your main wireless router. There are some routers that don’t support WPS or WIFI Protected Setup.

There are two methods for WIFI Protected Setup or WPS, First method is with the WPS Pin and the second method is the Push Button method.

WPS Pin Method:

The WPS pin method is the first method for the WIFI Protected Setup. However, this method for the WIFI Protected Setup little bit complicated and you would need to login to your main wireless router.

Every wireless device that supports WPS comes with a pin(code) that you could easily find on the label of that device or in the instructions manual.

Follow the steps down below for the WPS pin method:

  1. Log in to your wireless router and look for the WPS option on it.
  2. Now click on the WPS pin method, it’ll ask for a pin.
  3. Put in the WPS pin of your wireless device (Printer, Extender, Smart TV, Gaming Console, etc.) that you want to connect to your router.
  4. Now wait for 2 minutes the device should connect with your router

This method for the WPS is not that reliable and most of the time it doesn’t work.

You would need to contact your network administrator or technical assistance for the setup.

Push Button method for WIFI Protected Setup:

The push-button method for the WPS is a widely easy and widely used method. However, some older routers do not support this method.

In order to proceed with this method you need to first find out if your router has a WPS button.

Most modern routers comes with WPS button on it. You need to look for it on your router.

Follow the steps below for Push Button method of WPS:

  1. Push the WPS button on your wireless router.
  2. A light will start blinking on the router after pushing the button.
  3. Now Push the WPS button on the client device and the WPS light will start blinking on the device.
  4. It takes about a minute or two and the WPS light will turn solid afterward.

Other than these 2 methods there are two other WPS methods that are not widely used and known by people.

  1. NFC or Near Field Communication Method: In which the user has to bring the new client close to the access point to allow a near field communication between the devices.
  2. USB Method: In this method of WPS user uses a USB flash drive to transfer data between the new wifi client and the existing wireless access point.

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