How To Secure BrosTrend WiFi Extender?

Need an answer about how to secure brostrend wifi extender? Don’t worry this article will help you to resolve this issue. It mostly happens when we get a new extender and at the beginning of the setup, it shows an unsecured or open network. It might be because your extender is not set up and it has a default network name right now.

The other reason could be if your router has an open network and it does not have WiFi Password on it. There are a couple of other reasons as well. We will talk about all of them one by one in this article.

Situation 1 – Extender is not setup

If your extender is new and you have not configured it yet then it will show you No Internet and Open network. In this case, you need to configure it to the router. You can follow any method to complete the setup such as WPS or web browser method.

Follow the Brostrend Extender Setup Guide below:

BrosTrend AC750 Extender Setup

BrsoTrend AC1200 Extender Setup

Extender Setup With WPS Method

Once you set up your extender, it will use the same password as your router and it will be also broadcast the secure wifi signals.

Situation 2 – WiFi Router does not have wifi password setup

This is also the possible reason that your brostrend wifi extender is not secured. Because the extender has to be configured with the wifi router if your router does not have a password and it has an open wifi network name then ultimately extender will also remain unsecured.

If this the case, make sure you secure your router first because if you don’t put a password on the router’s wifi then it will make all you connected device unsecured. Once you set up the password on the router then re-configure your brostrend extender and it will be secured.

How to setup password on the router?

If you want to set up the wifi password on the router. Then you need to login to the router’s web management page where you can make any changes you want to make in the settings. Once you log in to the router settings then look for wifi settings. Here you will see an option to edit the Network Name and WiFi Password.

After setting up the Network Name and Password click on Save and it will take few seconds to apply changes to it. Now, you have successfully created the wifi password for the router. Now you are ready to set up the extender and your extender will also use the same password as your router.

Situation 3 – Using Open or Public WiFi

Sometimes the user does not have his own personal router and he uses the public wifi. As we know public wifi always remains open without having any password on it. In this case, the user cannot make changes to the router settings. If this is the case, then you need to create a separate password for the extender.

At first, you can set up your extender with the open network then you can log in to the Brostrend extender admin panel. After logging into the Brostrend extender admin panel, you can click on the wireless setting, here you can set up the password that you want to keep for the extender. As you have created the password for the extender, now no one can connect to the extender’s network.