How do I create or change password on Brostrend Extender?

BrosTrend extender is an easy-to-use device however, sometimes users may find themselves in a situation where they would need to change their WIFI password. To change the password user would need to login to the BrosTrend extender.

So the very first for you to log in to the router and get the required information for the process. TO change the password or any other settings on the Brostrend extender you would need a smartphone.

Change password on Brostrend extender

Steps to Change password on BrosTrend extender

Changing the password on your BrosTrend extender is as easy as making a cup of coffee. We request you to please follow along with the instructions and do not move to the next step unless you’ve completed the first one. Follow the instructions down below:

  • IP address: The very first step is to find the IP address of your BrosTrend extender. To do that on to your wireless router and navigate to attached devices. In the attached devices section you should be able to find your BrosTrend extenders IP address.
    NOTE: To login to your router take help of your ISP or check lable on your router to find it’s IP address it could look something like,,, or
  • Web Browser: After finding the IP address of your extender, type this IP address at the address bar of your browser. It will take your to the login page of your router.
  • Login Password: If this is the first you got on this page then you should be asked to create a login password. If yes, please create a password to login to your BrosTrend extender. Default password for this page is admin.
  • WIFI Settings: Once you have successfully logged into the BrosTrend extender, Navigate to the WIFI settings option. In this option you should be able to find the name and pasword of your extended WIFI. You can change any setting from this page.

If you’ve made it thus far that means you’ve either successfully changed the password or you have encountered some issues with the process. Do not worry we can still help, you can ask questions to our experts to get free of charge answers to your query or you can check our troubleshooting section.

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