How to connect BrosTrend extender with Ring Doorbell?

BrosTrend extender is compatible with many devices and it works sort of a charm with all of them. so as to attach your Brostrend extender with the Ring doorbell. you got to confirm that your extender is already working. Ring doorbell setup doesn’t take an extended time if you are doing it right. So please follow the instructions given below.

This article will provide you information on the way to connect your ring doorbell to the Brostrend extended WIFI. It doesn’t provide any information on the initial BrosTrend extender setup. so as to seek out information on the BrosTrend extender setup, click here.

Before you start with the setup process of your BrosTrend extender with the Ring Doorbell you’d got to keep some things in your mind. Let’s discuss everything so you’ll make a note of all the specified information for the Ring Doorbell setup.

Required information for the setup

  1. Make sure your extender is already connected to the router and has the signal fire turned on.
    BrosTrend extended WIFI and its password got to be used to confirm you’ve got it handy.
  2. If your Ring Doorbell was connected previously to a different WIFI network please do a factory reset thereon.
  3. Your extender should be placed at a location where your router and ring doorbell would be ready to reach it properly.
  4. Make sure that the battery of your Ring doorbell is charged enough in order that you’ll continue with the setup, if not please charge the battery.

    After gathering all of the aforesaid information and placing your extender in an optimal location, you’re able to connect your Brostrend extender with the Ring Doorbell.

Ring Doorbell setup with the BrosTrend Extender

Once you’ve got all the specified information you’ll move forward to attach your extender with the BrosTrend extender. Ring doorbell setup doesn’t take longer than a jiffy. Follow the instructions below to finish the setup process.

  • First of all, download the Ring doorbell app from the play store or the app store.
  • If this the primary time you’re opening the ring doorbell app, you’d got to create an account, and for that click on Setup a tool. If you have already got an account click on Login.
  • After logging in to the Ring doorbell app click on found out the device.
  • On the subsequent screen select the device you’d wish to found out.
  • Now name your ring doorbell as seen on the image below. this may be helpful if you’ve got quite one Ring doorbell in your home.
  • The next screen will show you your address and ensure it on the screen.
  • Press and release the orange button on the rear of your Ring doorbell.
  • setup process
  • After pressing the orange button the sunshine on the front should start spinning white. The white spinning light indicates that your Ring doorbell is within the setup mode.
  • Click on the continue button if you see the spinning light on the Ring doorbell.
  • The next screen will show you the Ring doorbell WIFI network and you would like to attach your smartphone thereto.
  • After connecting your smartphone to the Ring doorbell WIFI return to the Ring app.
  • As soon as you come back to the app, it’ll start scanning WIFI networks near you.
  • Select your extended WIFI and sort the password for it.
  • The light on the Ring doorbell will start blinking blue and it indicates that Ring Doorbell is trying to attach to your BrosTrend extender.
  • If the sunshine on your ring doorbell flashes blue fourfold meaning your doorbell is successfully found out.

Once the setup of the BrosTrend extender with the Ring doorbell is successfully done, it’s ready to install. However, you’d got to take the assistance of the user manual that came with the Ring Doorbell but it shouldn’t take any more than a jiffy. so as to make sure the optimal connection for your Ring doorbell, your extender should be at a location where it can easily reach your router and therefore the Ring Doorbell.

If you’ve any further questions feel free to ask questions to our experts or check our blog for further troubleshooting.